Waste Not, Want Not

Now this is what this blog is all about.  Sharing ideas to maximize the food items in your kitchen to work for you!  Specifically, turning a pound and a half of ground turkey (purchased a few days ago for meatballs) into a delicious meatloaf and turkey/quinoa stuffed peppers – with everything (and anything) I already had in the house!

Turkey MeatloafTurkey-Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

I received 3 “gypsy” bell peppers a few days ago in the home-delivery organic produce box I signed up for this past weekend at a street fair.  Very disappointed because many of the items that were to be included were not there, and the “gypsy” peppers were nothing more than green bell peppers – not my favorite.  Anyway, not to waste anything, I thought about what I should do with the turkey that needed to be used – plus use the peppers for something.  I didn’t want to run out for anything extra, so I basically used last little bits of everything in my refrigerator and ended up with at least 4 meals!

Using about a pound of the turkey, the meatloaf had feta cheese, a few pepperoncini peppers, a handful of sun-dried tomatoes (chopped), some toasted sunflower seeds that I previously made to top salads, a sprinkle or two of allepo chili peppers (for spice), a couple of eggs and a handful of bread crumbs.

Remember the Spinach-Quinoa from the other day?  That got mixed with the rest of the cooked up turkey, a sprinkle of allepo chili peppers, a few sun-dried tomatoes, and half a container (a few ounces) of mascarpone cheese to make the most delicious stuffed peppers.  Turned those green bell peppers into something to write home about (or blog about, in this case!)

I never waste food and always try to turn ordinary into extraordinary!  (Most times it works!)  See what you’ve got in the fridge that you can put to work for a satisfying meal – or two!  Buon Appetito!

5 Comments on “Waste Not, Want Not”

  1. Lynne Mollay says:

    Joe – I made the quinoa-spinach last night and it was good but a little bland. Tonight, I am going to mix it with some roasted veges (squash, carrots, mushrooms) and spice it up with some peppers. I will let you know how it is. Going to Hillcrest farmer’s market this morning to look for new veges.
    Thanks for your ideas

  2. Tamara Kaplan says:

    Joe, a few weeks ago I attended a “Chopped” party, we were given mystery baskets & had to make an entrée….it was a great party idea & a lot of fun. We should organize something like that! It’d be nice to see you and Mike. Tamara

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