Pork ‘n Pudding …. Christmas Dinner!

Delicious Christmas dinner of Prosciutto Wrapped Pork Tenderloin, alongside Spinach-Ricotta Noodle Pudding – thanks, Ina Garten, for both of these recipes from her new cookbook, Make It Ahead!

Pork 'n Pudding

Pork ‘n Pudding

Pork Tenderloin is the most convenient and delicious meat entree that is very versatile – and ready in a matter of minutes.  (Check out my previous post, ‘Family Favorite Pork Tenderloin’, for another of my go-to dinner recipes.)

You can do an Internet search to find a video link to Ina preparing this pork recipe on the Today Show.


The pudding, Spinach-Ricotta Noodle Pudding, will become a holiday (Christmas) tradition in our house for years to come.  It’s not something I’d make every day (because of the cream, butter, cheese, etc.,) but for that special holiday meal, it’s well worth this time and (a few extra) calories!



Since Ina’s latest cookbook is so new, this recipe isn’t published online, yet, but you can find it in her new book or check out any other number of recipe versions online.  Like most of the dishes I prepare, I get ideas and inspiration from reading recipes – then move on to making it your own!

As we wrap up 2014, I’m wishing each of you a healthy, happy, nutritious, and delicious year ahead in 2015!  Thanks for following this food adventure along side of me, and I’ll look forward to sharing delectable delights in the year ahead!

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