Feed the Freezer!

Nothing says, “I’m home” this time of year better than a bowl of homemade soup!  I’ve been running nonstop the past couple of months, and my freezer (which is typically stocked with all sorts of go-to goodness,) was practically bare (and hungry!)  I was so looking forward to this free weekend to restock my soup inventory with some old favorites, previously posted, and linked below for easy reference:

Giada’s Chicken Spezzatino (made with my homemade white beans to replace the cannellini beans called for in the recipe.)

Bowl of soup - vegetables, artichoke hearts, and chicken

Vegetable/Chicken Spezzatino









Ina’s Vegetable Lentil Soup (with my addition of roasted chicken.)

Bowl of Lentil Soup

Roasted Chicken Lentil Soup









An old family favorite – Minestre (made today with chicken thighs.

[Look down the linked page for original recipe.)

Bowl of soup - greens, white beans, and chicken

Chicken Minestre









My rendition of Split Pea Soup (still cooking, but you can see a pic on the linked page!)










I hope these old favorite soup recipes inspire a bowl of hot, delicious soup on your table real soon!  Next weekend, a re-do of my favorite Christmas cookies!

Buon appetito!