Ina’s Cranberry Orange Scones

Comin’ at ya, Juli!  Just in time for April’s monthly unit meeting, Ina’s Cranberry Orange Scones!  I made it my habit to bring in some sort of homemade treat to our monthly unit meeting – and I’m ready for tomorrow.  Anyone who knows me or has been reading this blog over time, knows I’m a huge fan of @inagarten, Barefoot Contessa.  Ina gets all the credit for this recipe – and I’ll take credit for the smiles that are sure to be on everyone’s faces!  Orange_Cranberry_Scones_2

Picture of glazed scones

Cranberry Orange Scones

This was my first attempt at making scones – and I’m planning to do it again and again!  The rumors are false – scones are easy to make!  THE BEST!  Flaky, tender, and buttery – of course!    Thanks, @inagarten, for another fool-proof treat.  Enjoy!


Cranberry Apple Cake – (Ina Recipe Share)

You know I’m a big fan of Ina Garten (aka Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network.)  As we’re getting into this fall time of year, you might be looking for something a little different to make for a dessert treat – so here it is!  Ina’s Easy Cranberry Apple Cake.

Given that fresh cranberries were not available yet, I substituted a 10 oz. bag of frozen and it was great!  As with every Ina recipe, you won’t be disappointed!  Enjoy!

Fruitcake…. without the negative flashbacks!

How many of you have avoid fruitcake at all costs?  Nothing appealing about that wet looking cake filled with unidentifiable pieces of gelatinous fruit, right?  This recipe will help to turn that image around, and will help you build a new set of tasty memories moving forward!

Generous Fruit Cake (Beekman Boys)

Generous Fruit Cake (Beekman Boys)

There’s an interesting story behind the name ‘Generous Fruitcake’.  Check it out along with the link to the recipe found on the Beekman Boys website (Beekman 1802 Mercantile):

I shared this sweet treat with the teachers at my school, accompanied by a scoop of sweet and delicious cream cheese frosting, compliments of my favorite Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa):

Really no need to sweeten up the fruitcake, but a little extra something special around the holidays?  “How bad could that be?” (Ina Garten)


Sunday Prep Kitchen (and an Easter menu idea!)

Sunday was one of my typical days of prepping all that I brought home from shopping on Saturday, in less than 2 hours!   I didn’t set out for anything in particular as I went shopping, but found many great buys that will make their way to our dinner plates throughout the week ahead.

Sunday Prep

Sunday Prep

I couldn’t walk past 98 cent eggplant or asparagus at 98 cents per pound.  Whenever I find eggplant on sale, I typically make Eggplant Parmesan, but having a tray already in the freezer, I thought about a grilled vegetable pizza and knew I’d be stopping off at the Italian import store for some peppery panceetta and pizza dough.  As I continued my way around the store, the fennel flashed me back to a delicious Italian sausage and fennel sandwich I had a couple of weeks ago on crusty Italian bread.  My mouth literally started watering, so in the cart went the fennel as I headed for the sausage aisle.  Some of the best meals happen when you have no set plan in place!

As I was in the midst of prepping, cooking, and storing, I came across the leftover mashed potatoes from a few nights ago – and they quickly became my go-to potato pancakes.  That was Sunday – and we’ll be sinking our teeth into delicious meals all week long!

What are you having for Easter dinner?  I’ve made a ham for every Easter I can remember, and I just don’t feel like a ham this year.  I started thinking about what to have, and although I’m still thinking, I might use that grilled eggplant in a vegetable lasagna (grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers, and spinach, topped with goat cheese, ricotta cheese, and mozzarella.)  I’m thinking of grilling some chicken basil sausage on the side (for a little Easter je ne sais quoi,) make some garlic bread, a salad – and we’ve got Easter dinner.

Whatever you’re having, you’ll want to make the most delicious Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake for dessert!

Lemon Blueberry CakeI made this for our friend Christine’s birthday on Friday night – and it’s the perfect spring/Easter dessert.  You won’t be disappointed.  Mike came across this recipe a week or so ago (Sally’s Baking Addiction website,) and I’ll be making it again real soon.

Here’s wishing you a week filled with good food and happiness!  Buon appetito!

Holiday Candy Treats

Here are a couple of my favorite recipes.  The Peanut Butter Fudge (Thanks, Lynne and Lollie) and Dark Chocolate Bark are new trials this year – and they won’t disappoint.  The Grasshopper Squares have long been a holiday staple that will send you (and those with whom you share) over the top!

Holiday Candy

Holiday Cookies

Time for one more batch of holiday cookies or candy?  You’ll be happy to share any of these recipes – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Holiday Cookies

Strawberry Tiramisu

A perfect summer dessert treat!  So fresh-tasting and delicious.  The recipe is straight from Giada – and I’ve been making it for years.  You can check out the full recipe at  You won’t be disappointed!

Strawberry Tiramisu